by Alejandro Torres Frías

In this, Part 2 of a series of tips and tricks to help us become effective and fluent computer users and internauts, I’m moving into surfing, archiving and retrieving web pages, one of the most frequent and probable uses for Internet “administration”.

2.  Get into Social Bookmarking to Organize, Expand and Retrieve Your Own Web
OK, you’ve downloaded one, some or all of the nice browsers I recommended on a previous post and feel ready to go to the Internet to do some research, e-mail, RSS feed reading or simply surf away, expecting to find and learn something new, cool, strange or even unexpected.  As we surf the web over time, we come across hundreds and even thousands of websites that we may want to save hoping to go back to them sometime in the future.   Bookmarking a website for later referral is one of the ways we can take hold of the web and its contents, thus creating some sort of “own” web.

Saving to “favorites” with the button on top of your browser was unfortunately the only solution we had for a long time.  The problem with the classic favorites was that when the number of web pages and/or folders saved grew to a high number, it became more and more difficult to later find the saved web pages you were looking for.  Another problem would be if we were at our home computer and realized that the bookmark we were looking for was at the office computer or at another computer somewhere else.  How many times did you loose all of your bookmarks saved in favorites after switching computers, installing or re-installing an OS?  Sure there were ways to back-up the favorite files to install them in another computer, but the very essence of it, the saving and retrieving method just didn’t work.  When you save files, folders and/or bookmarks, you want to make sure you will be able to find it again without great effort and in almost no time.

Thanks to social bookmarking, we’ve been able to solve the previously mentioned problems.  With social bookmarking, instead of (more…)