Alejandro is a 34 year old entrepreneur and idea generator based in Santiago, Chile.

alejandro-feb-20091Alejandro has worked many jobs in the USA and Chile, has created managed and sold businesses in different areas such as Job Searching, EFL & ESL Teaching, Design and Development, Fitness, Art & Photography, Publishing, Coffee, Restaurants & Customer Service.  When he’s not working or developing new projects and ideas, he rides and races his motorcycle and spends a lot of time with his computer, on the Internet and listening to podcasts.

He loves technology, innovation, the Internet, useful software, online apps and services, reading and watching videos and news, rss feeds, gtd, web 2.0, audio content, business and entrepreneurial seminars, ted and his sweet nieces, among many other things.

He currently works at English at Work, which he created with other partners in 2005.  He’s in charge of Sales, Marketing, and participates in the development of EFL and ESL methodologies, programs and materials. English at Work has presence in more than 20 cities in Chile, teaching with over 50 teachers to about 3,000 students from Large Corporations in the country.

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2 Responses to “About Alejandro Torres Frías”

  1. jennifer Says:

    what about your wonderful sister Pame?

  2. Alejandro Says:

    Of course…. I just didn’t wanna get to tacky naming everyone in the world I love…

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