by Alejandro Torres Frías

Depending on the type of work you may be on, you may see or think about creativity in different ways.  Whatever it is, and whatever the field we are in, we need to create and come up with ideas constantly, both on our personal and professional lives.  Or so we should.

When we are looking for ideas about our next new blog post, marketing campaign or strategic planning objectives, to name a few, and we are experiencing some type of “writer’s block” or lack of concentration and ideas, get yourself out of the issue and go look for more input.  It may be to start reading your RSS feeds, random wikipedia articles, or an online newspaper, watch videos in Youtube or simply go through the pages of a magazine on top of your desk.  As we start absorbing input of various types and intensities, our creative mind,  concerned about an underlying problem (the idea for a new blog post, marketing campaign or strategic planning objectives) gathers data and associates it with the different mental elements available for this process and is able to usually come up with gratifying solutions.  Channeling specific types of input appropriately towards expected types of output can also be a key inspiring factor.

It’s no secret that in order to get better output you need better input, for more varied output, more varied input; as we go about searching, researching, learning and absorbing more information and ideas, we’ll get to a point of contstant creativity and high quality output.

What About you?  What do you do to overcome creative block?  How do you improve your output?  Tell us in the comments sections.