by Alejandro

I’ve recently started to develop (pro bono), a project which is related to High Performance Motorcycle Pilot Trainings for Bimota Motorcycles in Chile, which is where I purchased and service my motorcycle, and also take motorcycle pilot classes. Hobby excitement aside, and as I write contents into a presentation I have to make at Bimota in a few weeks, I’m thrilled with all of the ideas and improvements that I believe can be part of this “pumped up” Motorcycle Pilot Training.  My objective here is to expand, organize and deepen the necessary theoretical, mechanical and practical contents of their Pilot Training, which includes some theoretical contents plus racetrack practice (not as often as I would like to, though).  As a pilot myself, who recently attended one of their Pilot Trainings, I feel trully excited about the increased scope of effectiveness that an improved training could have on me and every other pilot-student.  As they say: you can never be too safe on a motorbike.

There is a lot that can be done to make a product, service or methodology evolve, deliver more value to the user and provide the necessary value to meet the ultimate objectives.  In my case: “To provide the necessary tools to make you an excellent pilot”.  Fair, if you consider the potential outcome of a motorcycle accident.  Personally, I believe it’s fairly simple to come up with innovative conceptual and specific ideas that can innovate an existing product, service and/or methodology.  The idea of something being at a final “best” version or stage, is nearly impossible, in my opinion.  It’s very typical for myself to be thinking all the time about new, innovative ways of providing such and so service or product.  I thrive on imagining (and sometimes actually planning) new ideas where a business can improve the way they do things, or the attributes of the product they sell.  All the way from a “corner shop” type of place to professional consulting in different fields, to a bigger business and/or corporation.  A lot of innovation can occur at all levels and in all places.  Innovation (of products and services) is just thinking from a different angle about this product or service.  I’m sure that more than once you’ve dreamed a way to make this one store, service or company a more innovative business, with more value in their core objective.  Innovation is hidden, but all around.

When was the last time you dreamt about an inovation of a product or service?  Share your ideas and experiences in the comments below.