by Alejandro Torres Frías

Knowledge, Ideas, Innovation and Technology are the main inspirations that make me write and post in this blog: Ideas of Tomorrow.

As many other 21st century internauts, including yourself, I’ve been blessed with all the range, amount and scope of information, methodologies and technologies available today in the cloud. This current and growing depth and accessibility to information, which has empowered millions of individuals, as well as small, medium and large organizations, has made possible a new modern era of unprecedented innovation, progress and development in all areas of knowledge.  It’s in this blog where I expect to portray, open and take you through many windows to different and exciting ideas, issues and tools that will complement strongly your own role as a modern internaut and thinker.

The ideas that are raised in this blog will reflect my passion for knowledge and wisdom in modern times.  By sharing with you these ideas I’m also inviting you to participate and collaborate in this effort with comments and articles that add to, challenge or dispute the issues raised throughout this blog.

Feel free to contact me anytime you want.  I look forward to receiving your input, ideas and suggestions that will make this blog a better and more useful place.  If you are interested to be invited to write in this blog, I am also interested in talking about it.

Thank you for reading and for inviting your friends or contacts who may enjoy this content as well.